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That Podcast Thing is a UK based podcast network that is building up an interesting portfolio of shows. We start with Home Movie Club, where, for each episode, we take an irreverent (and many times irrelevant) look at the highest grossing movies since 1930.

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    Home Movie Club Episode 24 - "Hot Potato"

    We take a delightful trip to the past, with this charming classic from 1944, Going My Way starring Bing Crosby, Barry Fitzgerald and Risë Stevens.

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    Home Movie Club Episode 22a - "The Fifth Podcaster is Death!"

    It's our first bumper bonus birthday episode. Sometimes your favourite films just don't make the list, so we've decided that each of us, for our birthdays, can pick a film for the team to dissect. First up is your cordial host's birthday and David has chosen 1979s Alien.

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    Home Movie Club Episode 20 - "I Know..."

    We return to a Galaxy far far away when we tackle 1980s highest grossing movie. That's right, it's time for Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

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    Home Movie Club Episode 19 - "Defenestration"

    This time we look at 1954s Rear Window, a Hitchcock classic about a murder... or is it? When a man is trapped in a room for weeks on end, does his imagination get the better of him, or is there really foul play in the apartment across the courtyard?

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    Home Movie Club Episode 17 - "A Diamond in the Rough"

    This time we look at 1992s Disney hit, Aladdin. With a stellar performance from the late, great Robin Williams, and some seriously catchy songs, this can't be a film we didn't universally all love, can it?

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